Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At Live

At Live in Connaught Place is fast becoming a popular place in Delhi to have that expensive drink. A Long Island Iced Tea is priced close to Rs 400 and a pitcher of Kingfisher comes for close to Rs 500. And there is a good band playing most nights in an environment that is all about dim lights, bare walls, comfy couches, stainless steel ashtrays, and Godfather 3.

Food is generally okay, but can surprise you with excellence. Like that burger I ate.

Above is the Garlic Oriental Fish.

And here is that thing which has a name that is impossible to remember.

But the Thai red curry has to be praised.


SmrPar said...

Considering the lively environment..visiting this place is maximum fun if you end up going there with a great bunch of friends.. ;)

Soulberry said...

I need to visit CP...been a while Aju. Thanks for the info...I'll check out this place.

Soulberry said...

John, this is a recipe book my aunt wrote for her US headed daughters. She is a wonderful cook and whose generosity I have always enjoyed...lending a helping hand to her invariably earned me the previewing rights!

In the days soon after my wife, I had to figure out cooking for son and myself. Her recipes came in handy till such a time that I appointed a cook. Of course, my mother comes over for a few months a year...and then I simply hog. But she's getting too old now to cook food...

John said...

Thanks, Soulberry. Will try and get Ruma to do a review of the book.