Friday, January 4, 2008

Bennai Masala Dosa

The letters C.T.R are written in tiny script, next to the large Kannada lettering over the nondescript door. I cannot read the language but I have been told that the letters expand into Chennai Tiffin Rooms. It is another Malleswaram institution, serving up some unique breakfast. The crisp bennai (butter) masala dosa is very popular.
For all the ghee and butter involved, both Raghavendra Stores and CTR attract a fair number of morning exercisers.


Sleepyface said...

It does and the people visiting here don't necessarily restrict themselves to two benne masala dosas.. In the evening, one would have to wait for a minimum of 30 mins to get a place to sit...

The name is "Central Tiffin Rooms". The C in CTR doesn't stand for "Chennai". That would be most controversial in a place like Malleshwaram.

GP said...

CTR is Central Tiffin Room ... the owners are from the holiest place for dosa's .. Udupi :)