Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Goan Pub Hop

Another evening in Panjim? Enjoy your sunset at Dona Paula, and get to Panjim Square, near the Church. Make your way to Club Vasco Da Gama (ask around, people are very helpful) and to Ernesto’s, the closest Panjim has to a Pub. Ernesto is a young entrepreneur who is living the Goan dream – he is running this club and bringing a young face to Goan hospitality. Ernesto has wild headgear and snazzy dressing but other than that, he’s all business. It’s the best place for beer and good music. Ernesto has a great collection of 70’s and 80’s music and loves requests. If you are lucky to get a table in the window, you can enjoy the view of Panjim garden. Or, you could play foosball. No sophisticated drinks, but they have tonic water. I love Ernesto, but I don’t share the sentiment for the food there. If you want a nibble, the goan sausages (chorizo) are a good option. You can walk in any time of the day, and sometimes you can find people discussing everything from the stock market to football to law here. I've been guilty of the latter!

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Ruma said...

Ernesto is now a Daddy and the hair's cut short, and he's moved to a lovely old Goan Hindu house which has been restored at Mala. An absolute must visit, even if you have to keep the decibel levels low.